2018-05-10 / News Briefs

For What It’s Worth

It’s Brimfield week again. The May show is considered the best: fresh merchandise and this one did not disappoint. Perfect weather for the entire week should benefit record crowds eager to add to their antiques collection. Pictured is part of almost 1,000 people waiting for Dealers Choice field to open Tuesday at 11am. The antiques week runs through Sunday so even Newport This Week readers have a chance to attend! It about a two-hour drive and 100 miles.

–Federico Santi, partner, Drawing Room Antiques, 401-841-5060

Do you have a treasured item and want to know “what it’s worth?”
Send an image, as hi-res as possible, directly to Rico Santi at:
drawrm@hotmail.com or 152 Spring St., Newport.

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