2018-05-10 / News Briefs

Don't Mow the Daffy's!

Nearly 900,000 daffodils bloomed in Newport over the past few weeks. But what comes after the blossoms fade and shrivel?

One thing to not do is to cut or mow the daffodils to the ground. After the plant is done blooming, snip off the flowers, but not the leaves or stem.

The leaves are absorbing much needed sunlight, which creates energy for the production of sugar that replenishes the bulb for the coming growing season. This is a critical time in the life cycle of a daffodil, as it needs to complete its reproductive cycle and transfer energy from flower production back into the bulb for the next year.

Wait until the daffodil leaves start to brown and yellow, about 4 to 6 weeks after the bloom fades, before mowing. Mother Nature needs to regenerate for next year.

For more tips watch YouTube video: “How To Care For Daffodils Once They Finish Blooming.” youtube.com/watch?v=U0nKoHh82Pw.

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