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Meet Grace Morrison

By Mark Gorman

How do you raise enough money to record an album? Some folks pay for it themselves, while others try an online fundraising called Kickstarter. One enterprising singer-songwriter asked people to donate cans and bottles. Then she redeemed them for recording money, and with a sense of humor, titled her new album Redemption. Meet Grace Morrison.

Morrison, a native of Wareham, Mass., has been earning a living with music since her teens. She even had a stint as a background singer for Eddie Money. “I started performing at age 14 and started teaching at 16. Music is the only way I’ve ever supported myself,” she explained.

The singer-songwriter does music seven days a week. She teaches two days a week at Rick’s Music in Raynham, Mass. and four days a week at her house. Her 70 students study voice, piano, guitar and ukulele.

Additionally, the performer has a manager who works hard to find her gigs. “My manager shops me around. I spend so much time with my teaching, it would be impossible for me to find all the gigs myself,” she said. Her schedule lists performances from New Hampshire to New Jersey, with many stops in between.

The musician has two upcoming local performances slated, at Buskers in Newport and at Sandywoods, which is also her CD release party.

Newport This Week got an advance copy of Redemption (available on iTunes and other outlets) and the compilation is impressive. Her voice is honest and crystal clear and the songs are clever and inspired. (As a side note, it is a testament to her talent that Morrison sounds as good live as she does on her record).

When asked where she’d like to be in five years, the performer didn’t hesitate. “I’d love to support myself through writing music not just teaching it. I’d love to sell one of my songs to a television show. That is today’s version of a record deal.”


WHEN: Feb. 14 at Sandywoods
Center For The Arts, 143 Muse
Way, Tiverton or
Feb. 27 at Buskers, 178 Thames
MORE INFO: GraceMorrison.
com GraceMorrison.com

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